Child protection and safeguarding

Child protection and safeguarding

As a training provider, Cadet Vocational College believes in supporting all aspects of children and young people’s development and learning, and keeping children safe.

Our policy aims to provide all Cadet Vocational College staff (full time, part time or contract), with a clear and secure framework for ensuring that all children and young persons engaged in Cadet Vocational College activities and training are protected from harm.

All staff working for Cadet Vocational College ensure that:
  • Children and young people feel listened to, valued and respected.
  • All staff are aware of indicators of abuse and know how to share their concerns appropriately.
  • All staff are subject to rigorous recruitment procedures.
  • All employees are given appropriate support and training.

All staff play a crucial role in helping to identify welfare concerns, and indicators of possible abuse or neglect, at an early stage.

Cadet Vocational College is committed to referring those concerns via the Designated Safeguarding Lead to the appropriate organisation, normally local authority children’s social care, contributing to the assessment of a child’s needs and, where appropriate, to ongoing action to meet those needs.

In order to ensure children are adequately protected, we will ensure that:

We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) who are retrained once every two years.

We are fully supported by the organisation’s Board of Trustees and have a Trustee identified as the Board’s lead.

All staff have read and understand the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and are aware of the indicators of child abuse and how to respond to concerns or disclosures of abuse by children.

All staff who will come into contact with young people will be required to complete the NSPCC online training programme.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is reviewed on an annual basis, or as changes in process or legislation arise, by the DSL and DDSL.

Contact Details are:
  • Olga Bottomley (Trustee Lead on Safeguarding)
  • Tracey Sanders (DSL)
  • Andy Webster (DDSL)
  • Email:

If you would like to see a full copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy it can be downloaded below.