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Thor Elsson – ILM Level 4

Thor Elsson is a Second Lieutenant at Dorset Army Cadet Force. He studied for an ILM Level 4 qualification with CVQO and gained some fantastic benefits.

“I had an interview for a new job a couple of weeks ago and have had an offer of a better job than the one I originally applied for.

“The feedback I received, along with the improved job offer, was that they were impressed with my ACF volunteering and the fact I’ve gone for a commission – the clincher was the CVQO-led ILM qualification I’d just finished.

“So, it turns out the hard work was worth it. I start work in a couple of weeks as a Customer and Trading Manager! The salary works out at more than the job I applied for originally and is a significant increase on my current position – all thanks to CVQO and the ILM Level 4 qualification!

“Of course an added benefit is the qualification will help me be more effective as an ACF Officer at my Detachment and within the County.

“If you’re thinking of taking up a CVQO-led qualification then just go for it. I would never have thought I’d gain a qualification that would have such an impact on my job prospects and all from my ACF volunteering – it really does show how, as an adult volunteer, I can gain something that has tangible ‘real world’ benefits.

“Also, as a Detachment Commander I regularly see my cadets (including my two step-daughters) gaining CVQO-led BTEC Level 1 and 2 qualifications and gaining confidence, increasing their skills and knowledge and going on to do great things. What’s not to like?”