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Alex Anderson – BTEC Level 2 and ILM Level 3

Alex Anderson was named our CVQO Westminster Award winner in 2018.

He completed a BTEC Level 2 and ILM Level 3 qualification through CVQO. Here’s his story:

“Through CVQO I have achieved the BTEC Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community and ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management.

“I have always struggled with exams as they cause me a great deal of stress which is why I left school at 16. However, being able to learn new skills through CVQO has allowed me to regain an interest in education and develop myself so I could become a more rounded individual.

“My management skills have improved thanks to completing these qualifications, which in turn has enabled me to go for promotion within the Air Cadets.

“Both qualifications show employers that I am keen to learn and have a good work ethic. In addition, it shows that I care about what I do and volunteering has helped me to meet new people and improve my social skills.

“My CVQO experiences have benefited me substantially as I have been able to come out of my shell and develop my character.

“When I was younger I struggled to speak to people and make friends. This is because I have Asperger’s Syndrome which means that I don’t handle change very well and hated being pushed out of my comfort zone.

“However, participating in CVQO-led qualifications has really helped and encouraged me to try new things, learning new skills and experiences. I did struggle through parts of the qualifications but the CVQO staff were absolutely amazing and supported me throughout.”