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Guy Horridge OBE

Guy Horridge was born into a military family. After a relatively traditional Service family education, Guy graduated from Warwick University with a BSc. He joined the Army in 1976 and served mainly with the Airborne Gunners in most parts of
the world.

In 1988 he received an MSc from Cranfield and then the following year an MBA in Defence Studies from Kings College, London. He left the Army in 1990 on account of injuries received and spent the next 5 years in hospital and rehabilitation before running his own antique business.

In 1999 he joined the ACCT as Director Finance, Operations and Training. Having been involved with the BTEC Award from its inception, Guy subsequently moved to Cadet Vocational College in December 2004 and took over as Chief Executive in November 2013.

He advises many overseas countries on Education Policy and has been instrumental in setting up programmes to help disadvantaged young people in the UK and abroad. Guy is passionate about opening up education to all and firmly believes that individuals learn in many different ways, and that the vocational qualification route is an important and sometimes only option for many young people.